Care Instructions

Clothes (The Knit Edit) : 

Wash your knitwear carefully by either hand-washing or machine washing using a cold, gentle knitwear cycle and wool-approved detergent. Avoid unnecessary washing, which can affect a garment's longevity. To dry knitwear, roll out excess water using a towel and dry flat on a rack away from heat.


Our  bibs are recommended for drool and not advisable during mealtime - this is because the material used is cotton and can be stained easily. And we believe no momma would want to compromise the pretty designs of the bibs. 

On that note, we strongly recommend to take extra care of the bibs' fabric, lace, pompoms, tassels and fringes. 


  1. Fabric and the embellishments are delicate. Hand wash is recommended. 
  2. Choose a mild and gentle detergent. 
  3. Gently squeeze and hang dry in an open area.
  4. Once dry, flat lay and iron well to remove wrinkles. 
  5. Do not use dryer to avoid damages on the embellishments.

Bows and clothes: Hand wash, gently squeeze and hang dry. For the bows, avoid ironing the bands. You may keep on stretching out the fabric to achieve that crisp new look again.